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From living with the poor in India to life in middle class Australia, father Mark and son Tom weave their extraordinary journey through this climate change book-with-a-difference. They show us that living sustainable lives in the West is absolutely necessary and that it’s doable, fulfilling and even fun.

“This is a remarkable book. Very few westerners have had the experiences that the authors have embraced, and as a result very few can speak with the same credibility about the choices we must make as a society. I hope everyone reads this volume–and thinks, deeply, about what it means.” – Bill McKibben

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Price: Paperback, AUD$19.95 (ex GST), E-book AUD$9.99 (ex GST)

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Libraries: Brisbane City Council Library , City of Gold Coast Library, Adelaide Library, Melbourne Library

Book details:

* ISBN: 978-0-6482477-0-8 (paperback), 978-0-6482477-2-2 (flowable e-book)
* Length: 240 pages
* Size: 210 x 148mm (with 61 black and white illustrations)

Download the book

Having sold over 1,000 copies, we have released the book for free download. Download a copy of the introduction and share your thoughts on it here. Part A here. Part B here. Part C here. Part D here. Part E here. Part F here. Part G here. Part H here. Whole book here. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Can we make a difference?

Video interview with Mark & Tom

can we make a difference

Click on the picture to watch. See more interviews here.

Low Carbon and Loving It video series

In August 2020, videographer Isaac Carne created a neat series of 5-minute clips, offering tips on low-carbon living.

Episode 1, The Delaneys’ Story

Episode 2,  Standing Against Stuff

Episode 3, Ethical Eating

Episode 4, Bike and Train to Freedom

Episode 5, Power Up at Home

How to Make Sprouts

How to Make Yoghurt